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Funky Bourbon, Cheap Beer

Ah, the Jack Daniel's Studio! A magical place where celluloid dreams of drunken debauchery are filmed and brought to life for the big screen. Not quite. Nor is it the kind of studio where those oh-so-inviting photos of the iconic square bottles of rye-based amber hooch are shot and airbrushed. And if you thought it's where Grammy winners are recorded by the crew of one of the Three Wise Men (the other two being Jim Beam and Johnny Walker), you'd be wrong again. But you're on the right track, at least; music is involved.

The Jack Daniel's Studio No. 7 Tour is actually a kick-ass concert series that has already brought artists such as Kinky and Andrea Echeverri (of Aterciopelados fame) to town. It now presents a free show by funktacular local heroes Locos por Juana. You've caught the two-time Grammy-nominated fusionistas around town at venues such as, well, Transit Lounge.
Thu., Feb. 11, 11 p.m., 2010


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