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Funkshion Follows Form

Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach, which starts this Wednesday, is sure to draw out a certain Miami breed. These gals look for any reason to squirm their way into their tightest, lowest plunging neckline dress and their tallest, strappiest heels. They'll wander around with clutch and drink in hand, feeding on their male counterparts, and giving the old up-and-down glare to anyone who dares to trump their hotness. If you want to go head-to-head with these fierce, fancy ladies (and see some great fashion), then here's a short guide to Fashion Week Miami Beach. For five days, designers and fashionistas take over two Beach venues: the Setai Hotel and the Bass Museum. Cruise over to this South Beach spot for the 9 p.m. Flora and Fauna opening night fashion show, featuring glow-in-the dark knitwear (because really, who doesn't need glow-in-the-dark knitwear?) by designer Karelle Levy and sounds by DJ Kristian Caro. And as with every other event throughout the week, there'll be the obligatory after-party following the neon Krewlwear show. On Saturday, NYC club kid Richie Rich throws a fashion show (in previous years he used Pamela Anderson as his muse) at 9 p.m. as well as hosts the after party.
Oct. 20-24, 2010


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