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Fugitive Sounds

Forever zigzagging across the country — Miami to San Fran, Atlantic City to Seattle, NYC to La La Land — local hip-drop duo the Big Bounce gigs unnaturally hard. It almost makes you wonder whether the pair is running from something. (Interstate trafficking of awesomeness, perhaps?) But if that’s the case, Bounce piano man Brendan O’Hara might want to scruff up his conspicuously well-groomed facial hair, ’cause even a blind man could finger that beard from a mile away.

Last year alone, New Jersey native O’Hara and his other half, the Brooklyn-born beatboxer Komakozie, racked up a ridiculous 275 shows. Now, this Friday, the Big Bounce will add to its 2009 totals at Moonchine with a free 9 p.m. performance. Expect a few friends — armed with upright bass, trumpet, sax, or tap shoes — to join this band-on-the-run for a smoky set of jazzy hip-hop cabaret.
Fri., Oct. 23, 9 p.m., 2009


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