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From the Basement to the Vag

Ever wondered what screamo-lectro dudes do to unwind after a particularly strenuous hipster bikini dance party? Well, apparently, if the dudes in question are Daniel Werb and Paul Banwatt of Toronto synth-and-drum duo Woodhands, then it's all about a nice, relaxing, man-on-man bubble bath. Why the bubbles? Why the bath? Who knows, but bro bathing must be a team-builder beyond compare 'cause it's helped these two sustain their partnership through cold Canadian winters and several summers' worth of transcontinental touring. Born in a Montreal basement before taking a southwesterly route to T.O., Woodhands has been pounding out sweaty dance floor fillers for four years. The pair's done remixes for Peter Bjorn & John, a questionable cover of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," and indie party tracks like today's free MP3, "Dancer." Mostly these songs are the missing musical link between the knowing New Wave-y dance of Sweden's Teddybears and the punky rage rap of Floridian faves I Set My Friends on Fire. Which sounds fun, right? Except Werb and Banwatt are weird and they "want to make you cry while you're having sex, and it'll be the best damn sex of your life. And you'll be dancing." So, umm, yeah ... Anyone up for a bubble bath?
Sat., Oct. 24, 2009

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