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Freedom of Movement

From Guaraní to Spanish, Italian to German, Argentina is a blend of cultures and influences. This can be seen in the country’s language, architecture, and dance. Although Argentina is best known for the tango, that sexy spectacle is only one of many maneuvers perfected in the land. There’s the flirtatious cueca, a courtship accentuated by handkerchiefs and bright costumes; and the malambo, an energetic battle to see which gaucho taps best; plus the zamba, not to be confused with the Brazilian samba.

Oscar Caballero and Roxana Garber, directors of the Tango Times Dance Company, are masters of these dances. They created Origenes, a showcase of Argentina’s music and dance. “Origenes is a show dedicated to the celebration of our independence,” says Caballero, whose production is premiering on the eve of Argentina’s independence day. He wants the performance to represent the different segments of his country, and it will, tonight at 8:30 at the Manuel Artime Theater. Tickets range from $20 to $25. Call 786-221-5976, or visit
Sat., July 8


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