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With our fast-paced, stress-inducing, materialistic Miami lifestyles, we could all use a little more new-age influence in our lives. Om, namaste, you get the picture. Lucky for us, the Artecology Festival is about to bring some good vibes to our sunny shores. This Saturday, Miamians can embrace inner peace, yoga poses, and backyard composting. Anything for Mother Earth, right? The festival will feature eco-artists, craft vendors, wellness educators, an interactive children’s art workshop, music, and local organic foods. Kalamenios, an outspoken supporter of sustainability and cultural confluence, built the concept around green technology, wellness classes, and new-age accouterments interwoven with music, arts, and culture. “I hope that festival attendees get the opportunity to connect with other eco, culture, and wellness enthusiasts and get inspired from workshops and documentaries,” Kalamenios says. “And I hope that people can hang out with family, kids, and friends to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and at the same time get educated on environmental issues.”
Sat., March 9, 11 a.m., 2013


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