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Free Bass

It's 1989. You're one of many 12-year-olds at Super Wheels Skating Center in Southwest Dade on a Friday night. Strobes are flashing while beams of high-intensity colored light cut through the smoke machine fog. The stage at the center of the rink pulses with the energy of all the young bodies gyrating to the hottest sounds on the planet, freestyle. Fast-forward one year; house music has all but destroyed the genre, and rollerskating is freaking dead.

But this Saturday, you can relive the sounds that once ruled the streets and discos of Miami. At Kings and Queens of Freestyle at the BankUnited Center, hear live renditions of "Diamond Girl," "Spring Love," "When I Hear Music," and other hits from more than ten legendary acts (including Miami's own Debbie Deb).
Sat., April 10, 7 p.m., 2010


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