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Wynwood once again is catering to all you freaks and fanatics. Its propagandistic method of choice: gory, strange films to lure outcasts to the cinema. Guess Last Vegas is too “mainstream” for you people. Guess the new Tom Hanks flick won’t cut it. There’s just no pleasing you. But maybe the Secret Celluloid Society has something better suited to your anarchistic tastes. Holding residency at the Blue Starlite Urban Drive-In (70 NW 29th St., Miami), Secret Celluloid Society is an attempt by Nayib Estefan and Blue Starlite owner Josh Frank to bring revival cinema back to Miami. Revival film houses show only older movies, spanning genres from horror to comedy. “The society is for people who worship at the church of film,” Estefan says. “New York has an IFC theater where you can see Eraserhead on the weekend, and L.A. has cemetery screenings and different groups where you can see Creepshow on 35mm, or Holy Mountain. Miami has never had that.” Estefan wanted to inject what’s happening at L.A. film houses into Miami, which has great weather and a diverse mix of people, he says. He and Frank plan to make the society an ongoing experiment and to see “how crazy it can get.”
Fri., Nov. 15, 10 p.m., 2013


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