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Forget Diamonds

“A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but ...” you know what? Marilyn Monroe got it wrong. Diamonds are beautiful and all, but the whole conflict controversy makes it feel kinda icky to buy the overpriced stones. If you’re like us, you see through the brilliant De Beers ruse. A diamond is not forever, every kiss does not begin with Kay, and the baubles you buy at Mayor’s are not the stuff memories are made of. You’ve got more personality than that, so express it by making your own jewelry. There are quite a few chic bead shops around town where you can make an appointment, have fun with your friends, and create beautiful, affordable, one-of-a-kind pieces.

At Bijoux Design Creations, you can sign up for classes such as Basic Earrings ($25) and Tree of Life, where you create a cool and symbolic pendant for $40, materials not included. Call 305-740-3442, or visit At Bead Me (5792 Bird Rd., Miami), you can sign up for a Girls Night Out party or design a class of your own. You can cop the materials you’ll need to make a fancy Swarovski crystal necklace for less than $50. Call 305-662-2323 to start making your bejeweled fantasies come true.
Wed., Feb. 6, 2008


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