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Football for Wannabes

It has been threatening our city for months, and whether you plan on putting up your Super Bowl shutters or heading outside for a look-see, there’s no escaping this storm. The big game is days away, but today you and the other early birds can celebrate at the NFL Experience, built by the Home Depot. Since 1981, this interactive theme park has been firing up Super Bowl host cities via 850,000 square feet of games and attractions that thrust men, women, and children of all ages straight into the excitement of the National Football League. You can run like Edgerrin, pass like Vick, or even banter like Madden (corniness is allowed). You might even be able to snag an autograph from one of the 50 current and former NFL stars scheduled to appear. The park is located in the parking lot beside Dolphin Stadium.
Jan. 27-28; Feb. 1-3


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