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Follow the Stars

As yet another workweek sputters to a close, it’s finally time to blow your service-class cash wad. What’s that, you ask? Where should you go to blow it? Just do as ancient navigators did before GPS and follow those massive, luminous orbs of partially ionized gas — AKA the stars — by which we mean famous people. This time around, though, we’ve done the star-tracking for you, and the celeb-approved bash of the moment is Flash Fridays at Cameo, where pop-culture luminaries such as Diddy, D-Wade and teammate Michael Beasley, Trey Songz, and Gabby Union have recently made the scene.

Every Friday beginning at 11 p.m., resident DJ Affect kicks this hip-hop club night into full effect, alongside enough name-brand guests to fill a dozen tabloids. Fifteen-dollar drinks will be slung, star-on-strange hookups will occur, and impromptu celebrity sets — such as Jermaine Dupri’s appearance a couple of weeks ago — will undoubtedly break out. Now, go blow that wad like a star.
Fridays, 11 p.m., 2009


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