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Mike Gorman

Flowery Affair

FRI 5/14

Curse the dry air that shriveled your phalaenopsis plants' leaves into raisins! Now 5 are on sphag-and-bag life support and 3 are compost. How to get through this mourning period? Buy more orchids, obviously. How convenient, then, that it's time for the 8th annual Redland International Orchid Festival? The Fruit and Spice Park (24801 SW 187th Ave., Homestead) will play host to more than 50 vendors from locales as far-flung as Malaysia, Venezuela, Brazil, and, uh, Homestead. Speakers will cover all aspects of orchid cultivation. One tent will offer potting services for those who buy plants bare-root; another will store purchases for you so your hands are free to grab more plants, supplies, garden crafts, food, and drinks. Bring sunscreen and a great big shopping list. The festival runs from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. today through Sunday, May 16. Admission is $5. Call 305-247-5727. -- By Marlaina Gray

In the Running

SAT 5/15

What may you find at the finish line of the upcoming Ocean Drive 5K Run? Sand, surf, frozen cocktails, silicone? Must be something good because setting the pace will be legendary long-distance runner Bill Rodgers, one-time Olympian and 4-time winner of the New York and Boston marathons. Yes, you read correctly. Rodgers, unlike running guru Jim Fixx who croaked 20 years ago while jogging, is still around and active. Should you decide to strap on the sneakers and go the distance, you'll be doing it for a good cause: The University of Miami/Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center will benefit from the moola raised. You can enjoy awards and a fabulously sweaty postrace party. Race begins at 8:00 a.m. at South Pointe Park, 1 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Entry fee is $25 on race day. Call 305-227-1500 or see -- By Nina Korman


Getting Rooted

SAT 5/15

Need to get your bearings in this mad, mad world? Turn to the mangrove forest, whose knotty, intertwined existence along the Florida coast speaks of the power of regeneration, vitality, and unrelenting survival. The succulent stalks and waxy leaves are sexy, too. Eco-Adventure Tours leads a canoe trip through the marshy labyrinth of the mangrove, home to a huge variety of plant life, birds, and animals. The 2-hour trip starts at noon at Matheson Hammock Park, 9610 Old Cutler Rd. Admission is $20. Call 305-365-3018. -- By Juan Carlos Rodriguez


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