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Flickering Brightly

On the southern end of the Biscayne corridor, between Overtown and what the powers that be are calling “midtown”, sits a large yellow fortress known as The Firefly. Behind the barbed-wire fence of the establishment, visitors will discover an intense art space where members of the Firefly Collective work on various projects. Discussions can get heated on the front porch. The sounds can get excruciatingly loud in the rehearsal room, which is filled with guitars, keyboards, a drum set, and amplifiers. Artwork festoons the smaller building, where the infamous Death Metal Dance Party can go on till the wee hours.

Tonight, starting at 6:00 p.m., the Firefly will celebrate the grand opening of its volunteer-run and donation-based lending library. There are zines, books, and periodicals covering such topics as train-hopping, gender studies, and political prisoners. To celebrate the facility’s opening, Lars Din from Gainesville will play his modern folk songs about hitchhiking across the country, and FUQT (Florida United Queers and Trannies) will perform its unique interactive show.
Fri., May 4, 6 p.m.


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