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Fingerlickin’ Good

Remember that great mid-Nineties pop-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana -- Operation: Cliff Clavin? That’s right, named for the postal worker from the sitcom Cheers, the band played songs that were catchy as hell. The group broke up in 1999, but the drummer has resurfaced, reinventing himself as DJ Franki Chan, a superstar Los Angeles DJ, record company owner, and promoter. (Check out for a taste.) He will be pumping those “Daft Crunk”-style beats tonight at PS 14 at the club’s weekly Wednesday-night party, Fingerlickin’.

As far as the local hipster/skateboarder scene goes, Fingerlickin’ is the place to be. It is the midweek afterparty for everything. We’re talking all-you-can-eat barbecue for five bucks, free drinks for the ladies (until midnight), and free pool and Ping-Pong all night long. That’s right, Ping-Pong. Get down on the dance floor and suck that greasy barbecue sauce right off of your fingers.
Wednesdays, 2007


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