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Fine and Dandi

Have you had your dose of avant-garde Canadian electro art rock this week? Somehow we didn’t think so. Fortunately you can head down to the Sandal Club tonight to see Montreal’s Dandi Wind and prevent any withdrawal symptoms. Not only do these Canucks bring the slamming electro sound all the cool kids are into nowadays, but also their live performances are renowned for blurring the lines between rock show, performance art, and, of course, off-the-wall party. That the group is in the midst of its Do and Die tour should give you a general idea of the intensity.

Dandi Wind comes to town thanks to Off the Radar, which expands Miami’s nightlife horizons every Friday at the Sandal Club. Tonight’s edition will also feature local band Animals of the Arctic as well as Off the Wall resident DJs Ray Milian and Danny Ashe, all for just 10 dollars. You can start shaking your (costumed, we hope) booty at 11:00, but don’t expect to stop until six in the morning, you little party animals.
Fri., July 13, 11 a.m.


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