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Fightin’ Words

Three years in, and the mission, as well as almost everything else regarding Iraq, certainly cannot be considered accomplished. The words no one could use three years ago, and no one really wants to use now, are sadly fitting: quagmire, Vietnam in the sand, Mess o’ Potamia. Reps from a number of organizations you can bet did not vote for President Bush will gather at the Graham Center at FIU’s University Park campus beginning at 12:30 p.m. for an Iraq War teach-in. Join them as they discuss why invading sovereign nations for no real reason isn’t such a good idea -- particularly when it leads to a three-year (and counting) disaster that has devastated countless thousands of lives. Organizers (including FIU professors and Iraq war veterans) promise to “communicate objective facts” and explain the “reasoned arguments” behind their anti-war-in-Iraq stance. It should be interesting, although we think Edwin Starr pretty much said it all: “War means tears/To thousands of mothers’ eyes/I said, War!/Huh!/Good God y’all/What is it good for?/Absolutely nothing.”
Wed., April 5, 12:30 p.m.


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