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Femmes and Futches

Imagine being in a roomful of sweaty, writhing women grinding against each other while an electro soundtrack fills your head with synth beats and ironic lyrics. Is that Elly Jackson from La Roux giving you the eye? Nah, it’s just some androgynous hottie with a red pompadour. But check out the girl holding the ginger-cucumber martini. That is one sexy butch. Turn this mindscape into reality at Sweet Thursdays at Mova Lounge. Women and the women who love them have turned this party into the city’s latest lesbian hot spot. Now, a true ladies’ night at a sweet location is enough of a reason to hit the Beach with your crew. But when you realize there’s no cover charge and drinks are half-price from 11 p.m. till midnight, your world will overflow not only with drinks but also with femmes, futches, and baby dykes.
Thursdays, 11 p.m., 2010


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