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Femme Mystique

The Frost Art Museum salutes 2012 with a duet of solos by women artists, one of whom explores the feminine universe while the other creates vivid canvases that till the furrows of life in the Amazon. Annette Turillo focuses on the theme of women in “Women and the Eternal Feminine,” featuring multimedia installations that combine large-scale paintings dominated by intense atmospheric luminosity and assemblages of metaphorical objects. Meanwhile, Maria Thereza Negreiros’s “Offerings” includes lush paintings inspired by her personal experiences in Brazil’s tropical rain forest. Discover her late-’70s Amazon series, contrasted by the more recent canvases from the ’90s series Fires and Ipagos, both of which oscillate with palpable energy and constitute the core of her compelling ecologically based work.
Jan. 18-April 1, 2012


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