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Farewell, Frizzies

There’s a preponderance of frizzy hair in Miami. Thanks to a unique combination of multiethnic residents and high humidity, local ladies have some of the most off-the-meter Rosanna Rosannadanna hair in the nation. Today, there’s hope on the horizon for those with the bad hair day blues — the Activate Beauty Tour is coming to a Wal-Mart near you!

Activate Beauty is a Miami-based brand of salon-quality hair products made with Latina hair in mind. Founded by a crew of dynamic ladies including fine Without a Trace actress Roselyn Sanchez, this line of sleek products will moisturize your tresses, make your curls bouncy, and leave straight manes frizz-free. Celebrity hairstylist Paul Anthony is 100 percent behind Activate. “I wanted to support a product I really believed in. The great thing about Activate is it has such hydration and frizz control. The whole system works together to make your hair look and feel better. Regardless of your hair texture or type, Activate will work for you,” he assures. Don’t take his word for it — see for yourself at the Wal-Mart where Paul Anthony and his team of stylists will be offering hair consultations, touch-ups, and product recommendations.
Sat., May 5, 12-4 p.m.


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