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Farewell Fling

For the past four years, the members of local comedy crew Model Citizens have been locked in a hot and hilarious three-way. It's been sweaty, silly, and occasionally skeezy. But now Kimberly Cox, Jason Finkelman, and Michael Murray are breaking up. Why? Well, Cox and Finkelman have decided to abandon Miami's beaches for the honky-tonk bars and chicken-shit bingos of Austin, Texas, leaving Murray to do it solo in South Florida.

So don't miss The Model Citizens: Farewell Show! at Just the Funny Theater this Saturday. It's gonna be your last chance to see Citizen classics such as "Real-Life Facebook" and "Dogwalking," not to mention "¡Oye Film!," an improv sketch that Murray calls, "Julio, Jesus, and Maria from Hialeah doing their best Siskel and Ebert." Bonuses: riffs on celebrity infidelity and a cameo by honorary Citizen Carlos Rivera.
Sat., June 19, 9 p.m., 2010


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