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Far-Out, Spacey Stuff

Ostensibly, the "Space as Medium" group exhibition at the Miami Art Museum (101 W. Flagler St., Miami) is a sly curatorial attempt to trace the evolutionary arc of space-based sculpture, installation, and performance art from the 1960s through the present day. However, as the exhibit enters the final two weeks of its three-month run, the whole thing is looking way less self-contained.

Like the ever-changing, increasingly immaterial type of art it showcases, "Space as Medium" seems to be constantly at risk of spilling over. Curated by René Morales, the show is a freeform juxtaposition of both pre-existing art objects and site-specific commissions. There's a black enamel paint pool by William Anastasi, a poured latex blob by Lynda Benglis, and minimalist geometric sculpture by Nicolas Lobo. And it all combines into a beautiful, overflowing mixed-media daydream.
Jan. 1-Feb. 28, 2010


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