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Fantasy Day for Geeks

Not so long ago the appeal of comic books was limited by the stigma attached to its traditional core audiences — dudes who live at home with their parents, quiet Japanese men, and, of course, dweebs. Today, with comic book heroes tearing up the box office, the growth of adult-oriented graphic novels, and an ever-increasing breadth of styles, the industry is growing fast, attracting even those who used to give the comic-book set swirlies back in middle school.

To capitalize on this rocketing popularity, the comics industry has designated today national Free Comic Book Day. Stores like Animated Toys (479 Biltmore Way, Coral Gables), Superheroes Unlimited (1788 NE 163rd St., North Miami Beach), Mac’s Comics (2678 SW 87th Ave., Miami) and Outland Station (12540 SW 120th St., Miami) will be giving away exclusive titles from Dark Horse, DC, Marvel, and more. So whether you’re a comic freak, just getting interested, or simply too cheap to pass up free crap, take advantage Free Comic Book Day, or, as The Simpsons’s Comic Book Guy would call it, Best. Day. Ever.
Sat., May 5


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