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Fair Game

Funnel cakes, corn dogs, and deep fried Snickers bars. Kettle corn, cotton candy, elephant ears, and pretty much every other fattening treat on a stick can be found among the 200 food vendors at this year’s Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition at the Fair Expo Center. If you’ve eaten too much, there are 100 spinning, twirling, looping, and free falling rides that could probably aid in removing the aforementioned foods from your belly. The little ones can go crazy in their own kiddie area; sports fans can test their skills at a new Super Sportsfest interactive adventure; and thousands of student exhibits -- from agricultural to culinary -- await off the midway. The fair opens today at 3:00, and the Ferris wheel will be spinning till the cows come home (daily until midnight, through April 2). Admission is just one dollar today ($7 to $8 for the remainder of the fair), but ride coupons will set you back a buck apiece. Call 305-223-7060, or visit for details.
March 16-April 2


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