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Escape Artists

MON 6/20

Art is one of the most powerful ways to convey emotion and explore controversial political issues, which is why the Miami International University of Art & Design (1501 Biscayne Blvd., Miami) and the International Rescue Committee are celebrating World Refugee Day with a powerful exhibit featuring local talent. Show publicist Alex Madeja says of the work: "A lot of strength is portrayed; I think there is also a lot of fear." The comforts of home and images representative of what people left behind are prominent in the works by these refugee artists. The free exhibit opens tonight from 4:00 to 8:00. Call 305-428-5700, or visit -- Karen Dale Wolman

Figuratively Streaking

Nakedness abounds at the Lowe

FRI 6/17

If there is a unifying symbol in art anyone can relate to, it's the human form. Whether those bodies are rudely carved or abstractly rendered, we recognize them as we do ourselves in a mirror, and that hasn't changed since early cave dwellers left their marks on the walls.

Go Figure! Multi-Cultural Aspects of Human Form in Art opening at 8:00 tonight at the Lowe Art Museum (1301 Stanford Dr., Coral Gables) features more than 100 works spanning 5000 years, all linked by the connective thread of figuration. "From Greco-Roman marbles to pre-Columbian artifacts to Modernist paintings and even a Duane Hanson sculpture of a football player, this exhibit reflects the breadth of our collection and the essence of our multicultural community," explains Denise Gerson, associate director for curatorial affairs. "What really connects people across the planet is recognition of the human form; it resonates with all of us." The exhibit runs through September 4. Call 305-284-3535, or visit --Carlos Suarez de Jesus

Work That Body

SAT 6/18

Eyes in paintings often stare back at you. It's just a little unsettling when that person is naked. Using vivid oils, Jacquelyn Jackson Johnston exposes herself in her self-portraits through expressive eyes and assertive positions that are almost photographic in quality and composition. A Columbia University art history and visual arts graduate, Johnston creates large-scale paintings meant to address the historical representations of the nude female.

"Years of debate surround nude paintings of women," says Johnston. "For instance: Is a nude female painting strictly for male pleasure, or can women even receive a kind of visual pleasure out of it the same way?" In "Razterization," Johnston and fellow painter Clinton Everitte Raynor, who uses calm tones to pixelate familiar images like George Washington on the dollar bill, converge techniques at Faktura Gallery (7128 NW Second Ct., Miami) tonight from 7:00 to midnight. Call 305-758-9005, or visit -- Christina Kent


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