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In case you didn’t already know, all the cool kids are totally into yoga. Seriously, paparazzi have snapped just about every A-list celebrity toting a yoga mat. But yoga isn’t just the athletic equivalent of a teacup-size dog to the rich and famous. It’s popular because it actually works. By stretching your body into these ancient poses, your mind and spirit are able to settle into a true state of inner calm. If there’s another way to more effectively relieve stress, it’s probably illegal. If you don’t believe us, do yourself a favor and stop by The Standard. Friday nights at 8:00, the hotel hosts H2Om, an event where the cool kids gather to indulge in their favorite healthy pastime.

“Every week we host a different teacher. Sometimes it’s local instructors, sometimes it’s someone visiting. Russell Simmons did hip-hop yoga here recently. We’re always offering something new,” says yoga director Terry Cooper. For $25, visitors can enjoy a class with yogis, live musicians, and DJs. After class, the party moves to the spa, where you can lounge in the hamam, sweat it out in the aroma steam room, or get drenched with a refreshing rain shower. Or if you’d prefer to relax the old-fashioned, unhealthy way, stop by the lush outdoor pool for a cocktail.
Fridays, 8 p.m., 2007


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