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Euros Gone Wild

Segafredo Café serves up a heaping espresso spoonful of European culture in the midst of the Magic City. On a sunny afternoon, you can sip a macchiato surrounded by pouty pseudo-European women in behemoth sunglasses, or sample the copious wine list alongside Italian men in tight pants. After the sun goes down, you can pick at apps in a melting pot of Miami chic. This month, however, Segafredo welcomes the decidedly rowdier side of European culture — hooliganism!

The 2008 Eurocup — the intense, monthlong tournament to crown the fútbol champs of Europe — is here. If you think your cousin Tony goes crazy over Dolphins games, wait until you get a load of soccer hooligans. Expect plenty of team jerseys, cheering, and unintelligible songs. On Monday, it’s an Eastern Euro throwdown, when Germany faces Austria, and Poland meets Croatia on the pitch. Both matches will be broadcast beginning at 2:45 p.m. on eight plasma TV screens at Segafredo Brickell. Dabble in hooliganism with 25 percent off all alcoholic beverages during games. The fun takes place from noon to 5 p.m.
Mon., June 16, 2008


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