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A concert for babies, one man’s riveting take on being Latino and gay, a silent comedy about two women squabbling over an airport bench, and an intimate portrait of three women stuck in a cheap motel room: This year’s International Hispanic Theater Festival delivers something for everyone. Running through July 29, the fest features 13 wildly diverse productions from Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Denmark, Spain, and the United States at five venues across town. Don’t worry, gringos -- plays are being staged in Spanish, English, and in Spanish with English supertitles.

Tonight at 8:30 the festival presents Argentina-based Azul Teatro’s Sobre un Barco del Papel (On a Paper Boat), written by Maria Rosa Pfeiffer and directed by Omar Viale, at the Carnival Center Studio Theater. The provocative piece mines the lives of a mother and daughter who release their private demons through memories of their youth and old age, prompting a reflection on the female universe while peeling back the curtain on a nation.
July 19-29


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