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Easter Seals

While you juggled glowsticks at a WMC event last Friday, someone slipped some Special K into your Red Bull. The strobe lights and techno pounded your brain as visions of Paas Easter eggs dripped into your conscience like colored honey poured behind your eyelids. You met pierced-lip Ingrid on the dance floor, brought her back to your condo, and took her to Ultra the next day. She ripped up her airplane ticket back to Berlin and moved in. "Dude," she said as you cleaned up her vomit from the living room carpet, "killer whales, sea lions, manatees, Flipper, and an effing Easter egg hunt!" She pointed to her iPhone and continued, "It's called Bunnypalooza, baby." She's right. The annual Easter Egg Hunt Celebration at Miami Seaquarium runs this Friday through Sunday. And it ain't just for kids.
Fri., April 2, 10 a.m.; Sat., April 3, 10 a.m., 2010


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