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Earn Your Keep On the Planet

Remember when mom kicked you out of the house? You'd been freeloading off of her and living in her basement for four more years than is socially acceptable. She said, "get your ass out unless you start earning your keep!" Damn, should of done something to avoid that. Mother Earth is the same way. She'll throw your ass out faster than you can say "global warming" if you don't start taking care of necessary things. The Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches (ECOMB) are acting as that friend that helps you get your act together. They're throwing the 4th annual "GreenRaiser" to promote sustainability and sound environmentalism to keep Mama Earth happy. Everyone has to do their part. Lucky for you, this home intervention includes, food, booze, music, dancing, and a silent auction.
Fri., June 1, 7 p.m., 2012


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