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Dude. Trippy.

You gasp as you wake up from the nightmare. It feels like you're still dreaming, but you're not sure. You pinch yourself and wince from the pain. The room begins to spin, and you shut your eyes tight. When you open them, you are sitting in the dark Miami Beach Cinematheque, watching Federico Fellini’s first color film, Juliet of the Spirits. The legendary (and crazy) Italian director claimed to have taken LSD before making this movie, which is named for and stars his wife, Giulietta. Beginning tonight at 8:30, the flick screens as part of the month-long F Is for Fellini retrospective of the filmmaker’s various masterpieces.

Satyricon (1969) and Amaracord (1973) will be screened, as well as a documentary, Fellini: I’m a Born Liar (2003), which features the director’s last interview. Also, in the lobby, there will be a rare exhibition of Fellini posters and autographed memorabilia from the cinema’s archive. Admission for the general public is $10 ($6 for MBC members).
Jan. 4-31, 2008


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