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Drunk on Monday

Thursday night’s dinner and drinks set off Friday night’s drunken debauchery. The weekend flitted by with four hours’ sleep, a vodka breakfast, a MySpace update, and a Saturday/Sunday combo involving a sea of writhing, sweaty bodies tangled in a mass of hot-blooded flesh. And that was after you left the club. You skiied Miami so hard all weekend it was all you could do not to re-up and grab a couple of Sunday late-night/early-morning drinks. That said, those Monday-morning beams of laser-intensity sunlight shooting through the cracks in your blinds easily inspired a no-call no-show to your shitty job, a hot sheet over your face, and a new reason to go out Monday night.

Sick of the Beach? Revel in the danger and discovery of Exposure, a new star born to the rapidly expanding downtown clubverse. If you’re looking for the next big bang, you’ll find it at White Room. Conceived by the brains behind SpiderPussy, the party will feature local, national, and international DJs and live acts.
Mon., June 30, 2008


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