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Drink Like the Pros

Rum: It’s not just for pirates and old Cuban dudes anymore. Not this week, anyway. The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival kicks off Monday, and it’s your best excuse to drink during the workweek since, well, last year’s Rum Renaissance. The boozefest, which runs through April 22, begins low-key with panels and VIP parties for liquor tradesmen — bartenders, salesmen, etc. You live in Miami, so you probably have a friend who fits that description and can tag along to events such as Monday night’s Bartender’s Bash, where a collection of South Florida’s finest mixologists will serve their specialties. If not, try the Grand Tastings, taking place April 21 and 22, when you can sample rum cocktails or just the straight hooch from dozens of spirits companies.
April 16-22, 2012


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