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Dreaming of a White Devil

Here in Miami, we can’t resist a good cocaine story. Give us a rich kid who starts dealing just because it’s easy and slowly gets pulled further and further into the grim realities of the drug trade, all the while making ridiculous cash — cash we can see with our eyes (bank accounts are not cinematic) — that he fritters away on parties that would make Dennis Kozlowski blush. Let him die in a gutter somewhere or be redeemed via rehab — it doesn’t matter. We’re watching for the Icarusian freefall, and that’s why we’ll be lined up outside the Colony Theatre well in advance of the 7 p.m. start time for My Name Ain’t Johnny, the opening film of the Brazilian Film Festival of Miami.

Based on the true story of João Guilherme Estrella, Meu Nome Não É Johnny won the audience award at last year’s festival, along with the 2009 Cinema Brazil Grand Prize. And for those of you in North Miami, you can shorten your drive time this Friday by going to the Hollywood Beach Bandshell (Johnson Street and the Broadwalk) for an 8 p.m. screening. Same program, two locations. Both cost exactly zero dollars and will be preceded by the short film “Seven Lives.”

The festival continues until June 13 so be sure to check the website for more showings.
June 5-13, 7 p.m., 2009


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