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Dimitris "The Dream Boy" Labatos had an idea four years ago. His vision was to avert the attention of Miami's misguided youth from the violence and moral degradation plaguing their community. Gangsters by the name of TNS (Take No Shit) and INP (International Posse) had riddled his school, G. Holmes Braddock Senior High, with dealers and the drugs they moved as currency. The cruel realities of a hard-beaten path had eroded any semblance of hope. What was he to do? At the time, on the heels of receiving his driver's license, he had been searching for a car club to join. His 1980 Chevy Monte Carlo was pimpin' and he wanted to show it off. One day, while in his ride, he heard an advertisement for Santa's Enchanted Forest, and it gave him an objective. He would start his own car club. Aside from the self-serving aspects, this would be his way of shifting attention away from the gangs, drugs, and violence. The only thing left to do was to choose the proper font (TinyToon) for his logo, and Enchanted DreamZ, the car club, was born.

Enchanted DreamZ is more than just a local car club. For one thing, they have branched out and currently have members as far north as Indiana; for another, they don't just have cars. "A lot of the kids don't have any money for a car, or the parts. So, they build custom bicycles instead," said Labatos. Even though the club has won numerous awards such as Best Bike Club at Lowrider Magazine's 2004 Evolution Tour, they are still far from gaining the national recognition they crave. For now, they are content to celebrate their fourth anniversary.


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