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Downtown’s Coming Out

For seven years, Edison Farrow has been hosting his SoBe Social Club parties like Martini Tuesdays and Simple Life at Buck15, bringing the gays (and the straight girls who love them) to the nightclubs of South Beach. His success is partially marked by his insistence to march to his own beat -- literally. “It's tragic, the shitty gay music they play at gay clubs,” he says. “Gays used to be trendsetters, and we got stuck in this time warp 15 years ago and never got out of it. Now the music sounds like pots and pans. I hate gay-club music.”

Never one to be boxed in by convention, Edison (no last names necessary) is breaking the mold once again. He's venturing out of the gay nabe of South Beach for his first recurring party on the mainland: Sugar Daddy Sundays, at Circa28. “Downtown is just so much more hip and edgy and fun now,” he says. “It's so cool, so not pretentious South Beach.” Featuring three distinct "atmospheres" in separate rooms (including one outdoors), the party boasts a main dance floor whose DJ spins a mix of old-school funk and pop -- and no pots and pans.
Sundays, 2008


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