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Down by the River

Finding chill, locals-focused venues on the water is surprisingly difficult in Miami, given we're all basically living below sea level. (And after a hard rain, so are our cars.)

That's why discovering places like Finnegan's River is so valuable. Nestled against the Miami River, just out of reach of the Brickell high-rise shadows, this sports bar/restaurant/pool deck fills a necessary void for those moments when the Beach is just too hectic to deal with. Like those Sundays after a big night when you're not ready to stop the party; you just want to ease off the accelator.

Enter the FR's new weekly party: Detox Sundays. Take a dip in the pool; watch sports on their giant plasma TV sets; and enjoy $25 margarita or mojito pitchers and buckets of Presidente for $15. DJs Chino, Ariel Assault, and Ruen provide the background; the sun provides the foreground. What else do you need? Some magical cure for your hangover? (It's called "hair of the dog," people.)
Sundays, 11 a.m.-7 p.m., 2009


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