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Dousing the Fire

When Bryant Castro’s indie-rock band had trouble finding a solid gig in Miami, he decided to start his own. Luckily he knew the right bands to ask for help. The Greater Miami Music Fest will feature six groups, including Hialeah’s Humbert -- which recently performed at the SXSW festival -- RADIO, Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs, Prato Principal, Don Juan, and Castro’s own Lovey Dovey Bird Stuff. Though the bands vary in style, ranging from Humbert’s catchy power-pop to RADIO’s punk-rock, all groups share one binding trait: They’re not Latin. “All the local shows around are all Latin,” Castro explains. “You don’t really see a rock show here.” The all-ages rock show will begin at 4:00 p.m. at the Polish American Club, and tickets cost ten bucks. In addition to the live performances, the event’s DJ will be playing songs only by local bands, so everything about the night will be provided by the minds of Miamians. “There are so many local bands around,” Castro explains, “and they're so hidden.” Call 305-635-2240.
Sat., Sept. 2


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