Don’t Forget Your Trail of Bread Crumbs

During the rest of the year, they’re considered only as real estate for children-consuming witches. But at Christmas, gingerbread houses are a charming reminder of the past. You know, back when folks strung popcorn garlands around their trees, instead of buying boxes of Martha Stewart’s glittery balls at Kmart. Building a gingerbread house takes work — mixing and baking and cutting little perfect shapes. Then there’s the assembling and icing and decorating. And after all of that, some greedy little bastard’s going to rip a hole into the roof and devouring the fruits of your labor. The ideal gingerbread house-maker loves baking and architecture. That’s why the Coral Gables Museum is celebrating the craft with its first annual Gingerbread House Contest. Participants are encouraged to pay homage to the City Beautiful in their creative confection.

“There’s a special prize for the best depiction of Gables architecture. And everything has to be edible,” says director of operations Christine Rupp. The contest will benefit the Museum's Educational Programming Fund and the Community Partnership for Homeless. There are cash prizes for first, second, and third-place winners. Aspiring edible architects can drop off their delicious domiciles at the Old Spanish Village Sales Gallery (2901 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables) today, and there will be judging and a reception on Sunday December 14 from 4 to 6 p.m. Visit for rules and registration.
Fri., Dec. 12; Sun., Dec. 14, 2008


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