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Don’t Bogart That Band

In the summer of ’69, this film brought the counterculture to the silver screen. Hippies smuggling dope, riding hogs, picking up hitchhikers across the USA, and tripping on LSD with hookers were all a part of the Easy Rider landscape. Now, almost 40 years later — notwithstanding Dennis Hopper’s excitable financial planning ads — it remains an iconic image of an era. Epic and timeless don’t even suffice as adjectives. So who better to embody the spirit of this film and the era it captures than a bunch of Miami teenagers? Rock fans, you really need to be there in person to witness the School of Rock’s Easy Rider Music Festival Sunday at Peterson’s Harley-Davidson.

General manager Joe Alonso explains the inspiration for the concert’s unique venue. “We wanted to do a really cool outdoor festival-type show. This is what we call our summer show, even though it’s in September.... A light bulb went on: Harley Davidson, Easy Rider. What could be better?” Alonso exclaims. Expect performances by the school’s garage band, its show band, and finally its house band, comprising the most elite and talented musicians. Two other youthful groups — Sacred Tuesday and Empty Prescence — will be opening for the schoolhouse rockers. And fans expecting to see a chorus of schoolchildren singing “Don’t Bogart That Joint” should rethink their strategy — Easy Rider will be the theme but not the soundtrack. Instead, hit songs by the Beatles, Deep Purple, and Pink Floyd will entertain the audience. It’s an all-ages free show, so bring a lawn chair and get ready to rock! Visit
Sun., Sept. 14, 2008


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