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Domo Arigato, Asad

While recently indulging in a pedicure, I spoke with the aesthetician about one of our favorite topics: libations. We discussed our love of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (try the 2005 White Haven -- it is heavenly), dry ciders, and cocktails. She then suggested I sample the new bar menu at Vix in the Hotel Victor, and before long, my tuchis was firmly planted on one of the barstools inside the chic restaurant. That is where I met the tall, dark, and adorably charming Asad, the bartender who created the tangy Asian margarita. Made with Don Julio Silver tequila, litchi and pomegranate juices, and housemade sour mix, this fruity blend became an instant fave. “I’m a big fan of litchi,” said Asad. “I felt that the litchi brought down the acidity and bitterness of the pomegranate, and I like the texture of this drink.” He also added that the fruits are in keeping with the Asian flair of the Victor. Though it is a bit tart, the juice goes down smoothly and proceeded to knock me on my ass. Yes, Asad pours a strong drink. Knock yourself out with one for $16, and be sure to visit Asad on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Call 305-428-1234, or visit
Starts: Nov. 1. Daily, 2006


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