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Mike Gorman

Dogs About Town

Adopt-a-thon brings pooches to the people

SAT 10/23

Some pooches are so savvy, their people need to spell. "Honey, we need some T-R-E-A-T-S for the D-O-G." Some canines do double-duty as vacuum cleaners, dutifully lapping up specks of food the instant they hit the floor. Princess-y pups allow their humans to clip sparkly bows to their fur. And four-footed athletes are happiest bounding into the air to snatch a tennis ball. Dogs definitely demonstrate distinctive personalities. And as with human partners, it's a good idea to think about what you want before slipping on a ring -- or a leash. When it comes to selection, the Humane Society of Greater Miami is something akin to a well-stocked adoption superstore. The residents include dogs like Vina, a shepherd mix, who'll dance on request, hopping up on her hind legs and swinging her front paws. And Coco, an especially affectionate brindle-colored beagle mix, who's quite the nuzzler. She's bilingual, and although a bit hefty, Coco is confident enough to saunter on stage during a doggie fashion show wearing a two-piece Hawaiian-print swimsuit. Potential adopters often go to the shelter, but these dogs also are occasionally out and about showing off their charms. Vina and Coco likely are going to be among about two dozen pooches featured during an adopt-a-thon this afternoon. Potential adopters are screened and, if approved, the adoption fee is $90, which includes vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and microchip identification. Also, the shelter knows that parenting pets is sometimes a challenge. (You think you and your children don't speak the same language, try talking dog.) So the staff offers free telephone counseling for behavior issues. If Yerkle the yorkie is chewing your favorite sneakers or Ruffles the Rottweiler is playing too roughly with the kids, phone the shelter (305-696-0800, ext. 354) and explain the situation. A counselor will return the call with tips on how to resolve the issue and hopefully keep dog and family happily together. Get yourself some furry love at noon, at the Village of Merrick Park, 358 Avenue San Lorenzo, Coral Gables. Call 305-696-0800 ext. 132 or visit --Patti Roth


Ride or die

WED 10/27

Riding a bicycle through the streets of Miami can sometimes feel as if the whole of Vice City is gunning for you. Taxis, truckers, and pedestrians are all potential road hazards, and in our city they are most likely armed. If you ride in the street, you're liable to get mowed down, and if you ride on the sidewalk, you get yelled at. What's an innocent pedal pusher to do? Some hardcore types carry handy rocks in their messenger bags, ready for chucking at any fool on four wheels who swerves their way. Some brandish a stick, ready to smack the nearest metal hood. What with the federal ban on assault weapons being over, this might feel like the perfect time to strap an AK-47 to those handlebars and taste sweet, cold revenge. Too much? Well, if that idea seems a bit extreme for your taste, then perhaps you would be better off attending the monthly meeting to discuss issues pertaining to bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Tonight at 7:00, the general public is invited to vent at the South Miami City Hall, 6130 Sunset Dr. Call 305-375-1647, or visit --Kris Conesa

Pamper Your Ride

AAA gives you the hook-up

SAT 10/23

"Hi-yo Silver, away!" Sorry, Lone Ranger. Those days are long past. Nowadays, a car is the closest we get to a trusty steed. You would brush your horse's mane, feed him carrots and sugar cubes, and when he got old, put him out to stud. So how do you treat your car? You rev the engine hard, get it all banged up and dirty, and run the damn thing into the ground. For shame. The people at AAA feel your jalopy's pain. They're ready to step in for some auto rehab, offering a whole day of vehicle maintenance inspections. They'll test your child safety seats, then check your fluid levels, tires, windshield wipers, batteries, lights, belts, and hoses for free, even if you're not a member. On Honda, on Toyota, on Chrysler, on Dodge! If your car could neigh with joy, it would. Show your vehicle love from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at South Miami City Hall, 6130 Sunset Dr. Call 305-661-6131 or visit --Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik

Subsistence Farming

FRI 10/22

Armed with a paint bucket and a skull full of slogans, Michael Tronn launches Wynwood's new alternative space, The Farm, with his exhibit, "Vengeance #1: Exemplary Invasion." Tronn has converted an old dwelling into an art space that will feature site-specific installations and contemporary work, and house artists-in-residence. For The Farm's inaugural show, Tronn is coating the exterior of the structure in an alphabet soup of urban agitprop graffiti certain to provoke a gaggle of rubberneckers. The artist will spell out his take on current politics in "big black bold strokes," covering The Farm with words like freedom, understanding, faith, and compassion. Shutterbug Tronn, who confesses snapping "eight thousand pics this year," will also display photos documenting his provocative brushwork during the exhibit. Best known as the club scene promoter of Anthem, Tronn promises to make an even bigger splash on the art world come November with his masturbation-themed "Vengeance #2: Fuck. Shame. Strip. Fear." Tonight at 7:00, mosey on down to The Farm, 50 NW 31st St. Call 305-532-3467, or visit -- Carlos Suarez de Jesus


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