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Do You Believe?

Shirley McLaine knows they’re out there. So does Dennis Kucinich. People like to mock those who admit they believe in aliens, but we beg to differ. Doesn’t it seem a bit arrogant to think we’re the most intelligent life in the galaxy? C’mon! There are folks still driving around Miami with “Viva Bush” bumper stickers, for God’s sake. We’re not alone in our belief there’s life on other planets and in galaxies far, far away – in fact there’s a meet-up group right here that agrees with us completely. And some of the members have had encounters of their own.

Probes, abductions, close encounters of various kinds -- group leader LeRoy D. Lawhorn believes in all of ’em. His interest began when he was working as a commercial pilot. “One come right up by my plane. It lasted 10 to 15 seconds. I’ve talked to so many people who have had similar experiences,” he says. You can hear and share some crazy stories without fear of ridicule today at 2, at the meeting of the Fort Lauderdale-Miami UFO Group. Lawhorn will be on hand to guide you through the experience.
Sat., Jan. 5, 2008


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