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Do the Jane Fonda

Before Dirt Nasty was doing coke like it was 1980, before Riff Raff was embarrassing white people everywhere, before Miley Cyrus was rappin’ about bad life decisions, Mickey Avalon was the king of late-night, dirty-sex, skinny-white nastiness. He might not be someone your daughter should ever touch with a 20-foot pole, but he sure is one helluva good time. The L.A. waster and celeb — famous for hits “My Dick,” “Do the Jane Fonda,” and “So Rich, So Pretty” — will shock the haters with a special performance Friday at LIV (4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach). If you’re looking to get weird and make bad decisions (clearly the best way to get over a hard week), this is the best you can get without actually clubbing with Lindsay Lohan. The shit-show comes alive at 11 p.m., and tickets cost $30 to $40. Call 305-674-4680 or visit
Fri., May 9, 11 p.m., 2014


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