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DJ Doyourbest

They have the power to save lives, so it's only right that not just anyone can slap on a pair of headphones and call himself a DJ. They scratch vinyl in ways that make party people fall in love, so although skipping through your iPod might make you feel like a sound selector, alas, you're not. But this is America, and there's a class for learning how to be any type of awesome you desire.

To become the next DJ Immortal, Self Born, Rob Riggs, Hurricane, or Bounce, sign up for the new-year term at Scratch DJ Academy. In fact, you can mix and chicka-chicka on the turntables right next to those guys if you're up for the challenge. As part of Class Room 423, every Wednesday at Love Hate Lounge (423 Washington Ave., Miami Beach), lucky students will be able to play an actual (nonpaying) gig, carry the crates, rock the crowd, and look dope while doing it. So sign up for a class, from beginner to advanced, in mixing and scratching or even beatmaking, to get your turn in the spotlight.
Starts: Jan. 9. Daily, 6 p.m., 2010


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