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Dine for Good Health

It's hard to eat out these days without at least a side order of guilt. Maybe you don't want to dish out the cash, or maybe that tire 'round your belly is beginning to overinflate. Whatever the case, eating out is often less enjoyable than it should be. Thank goodness for Dining Out for Life this Thursday. For this nationwide, annual event, a bunch of South Florida's better restaurants — including 1500 Degrees, Blue Door Fish, Cha Cha Rooster, Eos at the Viceroy, the Palace South Beach, and Wish — will allow participants to gorge on tasty delights with the knowledge that their debauchery is also feeding a good cause: the fight against AIDS. Participating restaurants will give 25 percent of their haul to Care Resource, a South Florida nonprofit, community-based HIV/AIDS service organization, as part of the national campaign. So the more you eat, the more you give. And if gluttony ain't your bag, straight donations also put you in the running to win prizes from Dining Out for Life sponsors. Every $10 you donate gets you an entry for prizes such as a hotel stay at Lords South Beach, a six-month membership at the Viceroy Miami Spa, and a gift certificate to 660 at the Anglers Restaurant.
Thu., April 28, 6 p.m., 2011


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