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Designated Drawer

You know those sudden bursts of creativity inspired by one too many tequila funnels and 151 chasers? Suddenly, you were born to dance like Michael Jackson and can hit notes that Mariah Carey never knew existed. But if you’re of the inebriated Picasso variety, more excited over a Sharpie than a karaoke machine, Drinking and Drawing at the News Lounge welcomes your drunk ass. Here’s the deal: You’ll be handed ten blank note cards by Spencer Morin, head of Miami World Cinema Center’s animation department and creator of the event. You’ll then have 20 minutes to doodle whatever outlandish fantasies occupy your mind. The catch is that you have to sketch a continuation of the imaginings of the previous drunk drawer, who can be anyone from the night’s guest artist (Garbage Pail Kids illustrator Luis Diaz) to an amateur who hasn’t touched crayons since kindergarten. At the end of the night, all cards will be compiled into a short animation — quite possibly the only morning-after Internet vid from which you won’t have to untag yourself.
Thu., Oct. 28, 8 p.m., 2010


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