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Dead Men Talking

Almost all industrialized democracies have done away with the death penalty, but not the United States, putting us in the illustrious company of China, Iran, and Iraq. Some states have abolished it, but here in Florida, it's standing room only on death row. A local theater company, Alliance Theatre Lab, dramatizes the eye-for-an-eye debate in its production of Bruce Graham's Coyote on a Fence.

In the play, death row inmates represent the gray areas of guilt in a system that recognizes only right and wrong. There's Bobby, a product of a racist upbringing and a low IQ, who set a church ablaze, killing dozens. And there's John, a highly educated man who kicked a drug dealer to death; he writes a prison newsletter as well as the obits for those who've recently walked the green mile.
Sun., June 13, 2 p.m., 2010


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