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Maurica (pronounced mo-ree-sa), formerly known as Maurice Rodriguez, is a Puerto Rican transsexual project chick from Manhattan’s Lower East Side whose YouTube channel, song on iTunes, and giant personality have made her a viral sensation on the Interwebs. In high school, she was an all-city basketball player, and she dreams of one day hosting her own commentary show about NBA hoops, meeting a rich moreno, and moving to the suburbs. She wants to be a vegan, but she can’t let go of chicken wings. She doesn’t want you looking at her feet. And, oh yeah, she’s a fictional character portrayed by Brooklyn comedian Yannis Pappas, who can’t wait to unleash her at Grand Central (697 N. Miami Ave., Miami) for a comedy show that sold out eight months’ worth of gigs in New York City. “I have a lot of Puerto Rican friends, and she’s just a combination of my observations of some of the more effeminate gay Puerto Ricans I see and girls I grew up around,” Pappas says. “I have a fascination with transgender people. The idea of a man being born with a female brain is cool, y’know.” Tuesday’s Yannis Pappas Show Starring Maurica starts at 8 p.m., costs $32, and might make you pee your pants.
Tue., May 29, 8 p.m., 2012


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