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Dance Like You Used To

When you were younger, hotter, and more carefree, you loved to stay out dancing all night. Man, those were the days. Whether you swayed seductively to attract the cutie across the room, or abandoned all inhibitions and got your Jennifer Beals “Maniac” on, breaking it down like there’s no tomorrow is fun as hell. Relive those days every Saturday night at Retro, the hot new party at the increasingly popular O Asian Grill & Lounge.

Bad-ass DJ Ryan Evans built his reputation by spinning alongside celebrity DJs like Steve Aoki and MSTRKRFT, and helped to make the scenes at Revolver and Buck15 hot. Now he packs the dance floor by giving the people a combination they can’t refuse -- old-school rock riffs and irresistible dance beats. Imagine New Order mixed with Billy Idol and a little James Brown scratched in, all with a beat you can’t help but move your feet to. Get up and go -- the party starts at 11:00. To RSVP call 305-776-2606, or visit
Sat., Aug. 18, 11 p.m.


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