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Dance Fever

Tonight the Momentum Dance Company kicks off its ten-day Miami Beach Dance Festival, featuring dance companies from around North America and beyond. Flamenco, ballet, modern; you can see it all at various locales around town, with most of the action taking place at the Byron Carlyle Theater. Among the performances is “Sand Calendar,” featuring a woman who dances in a continuous rain of white sand, as though she was in an hourglass. That can’t be comfortable. But it sounds cool.

Besides all of the amazing shows, you can also take a “master class” in modern dance at the Byron Carlyle alongside members of visiting companies. But don’t be intimidated about dancing with the pros. The good thing about modern dance: If you trip or screw up, you can just say you meant to do it, and call it art, and everyone has to believe you. For tonight’s opening ceremony, the members of Momentum will find inspiration in the foliage at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden during an “environmental dance performance.”
April 13-23


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